Never Trust A Rodent With The Weather Forecast

I hear people say all the time that the weather people never get the weather right. I will say, I do agree with that some of the time, but then again they do actually get it right at least half the time. However I think Puxatawney Phil, the famous groundhog from Pennsylvania never gets it right. I know that he is just a rodent and it is for fun, and big day of tourist dollars for Pauxatawney, PA. I will say though that when does predict an early Spring that we don't take it to the bank, but it gives us hope. Then when it blows up and we get 20 inches at the end of March and some more garbage in Upstate New York this week, I blame him. I'm sorry for getting mad at you Phil, you are cute and you are an American Icon.. and your big day is also my late Grandmother's birthday too so I guess I will give a hall pass this year, but don't screw it up next year... or else! LOL! :) 

Photo by Andy Sanchez on Unsplash

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