Teacher of the Week: Ms. Mindy Combs

Congratulations to this week's TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week:

Yellow Room Teacher
Pearl Street Head Start, Glens Falls

Ms. Mindy goes above and beyond the call of duty every day.  She buys clothes and supplies for homeless families and children out of her own pocket and has positively impacted those less fortunate in our community.  Ms. Mindy is the type of teacher every parent would want for their pre-school child!  All of the Pearl Street Head Start students, parents and staff members would like to thank Ms. Mindy Combs for all that she does to help them!

Congratulations to Ms. Combs, and if you know of a teacher who has gone above and beyond to make your child's learning experience better, e-mail a nomination in 100 words or less to teacher@adirondackbroadcasting.com!

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